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Welcome to Contract Coffee Roasters

Contract Coffee Roasters

Contract Coffee Roasters are committed to roasting good coffee from beans harvested on coffee estates throughout the world.

We pride ourselves in our approach to always consistently presenting single origin and blended roasts to enhance their flavour profiles.

We can assist customers in developing a unique roast and blend as well as specialised branding of the final coffee product. We aim to be successful through helping our customers to be successful in their business.

We are pleased to offer a service to the coffee industry that is efficient, reliable and up to date with current market trends. Please call in and visit our roasting plant at 61 Henderson Road, Clayton Victoria.

Please visit our Services Page for further information on our services. We would be pleased to hear from you to discuss any aspect of your coffee roasting requirements.

Contract Coffee Roasters also welcomes cash customer at the warehouse door.

Our Team

We can supply samples of our coffee blends through our premises in Clayton or deliver them direct to your location for you to sample through your machine.

  • Peter HOLMAN / Director
  • Wendy HOLMAN / Manager
  • Ian Matthison / Senior Staff Member
  • Tallis Sideris / Staff Member

Interesting Coffee Facts

  • Coffee trees are shade-loving plants and grow up to 5 metres in height.
  • There are 66 known species of coffee plants but only 2 are used commercially – Arabica and Robusta
  • There are over 50 different countries and regions world-wide that grow coffee.  Distintive flavours are determined by the altitude and climate of those countries.
  • Coffee grounds are an excellent garden helper either directly applied or added to compost. They have a 20 to 1 ratio of carbon to nitrogen.
  •  The addition of coffee grounds to acid loving plants such as hydrangeas is good for blue blooms. Blueberries, cranberries, and citrus fruits also like coffee added to their soil. Other coffee-loving plants include camellias, azaleas, roses, gardenias and rhododendrons.
  • Slugs and snails do not like coffee grounds so sprinkle around plants to protect them.
  • Cats do not like the smell of coffee so sprinkle around garden beds to keep cats away.